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  • Stuck Inside... Kids Bored?
  • Worried About Field Trips?
  • Don't Panic... We Got This!
  • You Can Do-It-Yourself!

No worries... We're here to help.

Character Avenue provides Do-It-Yourself On-Site Field Trip Adventures at your fingertips. Our  DIY  tool  helps teachers bring field trips on-site with entertaining, engaging and educational fun experiences.     

Yes, that's right! Everything you need to plan & create your on-site field trip is available right here  on  the  DIY  Members  Access  Page.

No more classroom boredom or teacher frustration. 

  How is this possible?  It's Easy as 1-2-3 

1. Choose from a list of field trips for 3-12 yrs old. 

2. Follow the DIY On-Site Field Trip instructions. 

3. Enjoy & have fun! 

 Do-It-Yourself On-Site Field Trip Includes: 

  • Assortment of  DIY Field Trips for 3-12 yrs. old
  • How to Instructions to Create & Setup
  • New DIY Field Trips Added Every Month
  • DIY Field Trip Resources
  • Lots of Creativity & Fun 
  • And More Classroom Ideas for Teachers
  • Exclusive Private Membership Access 

We do the creating & lesson planning for YOU!

Here's a sample of DIY On-Site Field Trips

* Bowling Fun 

* Let's Go to the Zoo

* Pizza Arcade

* The Crayon Experience

* Let's Go Skating

* Wacky World of Science  

* And More DIY On-Site Field Trips


we do the creating & planning for you! Subscribe today

Preschoolers - Crazy Bouncy Balls

School-Age Kids - Wacky World of Science

School-Age Kids - Wacky World of Science


Ages 3 - 4 years old

School-Age Kids - Wacky World of Science

School-Age Kids - Wacky World of Science

School-Age Kids - Wacky World of Science


Ages 5 - 12 years old

Do-it-yourself field trips


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